The Portuguese producer André Francisco goes by the name of Ghost Wavvves since 2013. Born and raised in south Portugal, he was studying his own approach of the culture and the music surrounding him, which eventually lead him to start putting together his own music. The need to merge and overlap different influences, styles and cultural elements is noticeable across his body of work. From the beginning, he was collecting references and fusing them with his obsessions in order to create his own universe. A universe where screwed vocals, obscure trap and futuristic vibes can coexist with video games culture, anime dialogues and electronic music synths, being part of a spectrum that ranges from the darkest cave to the brightest of light beams. Ghost Wavvves is the outcome of this apparent chaos, a creation that has been recognized inside and outside Portugal. He was a Red Bull Music Academy alumni in 2016 in Montreal, Canada.

Ghost Wavvves vivia num radiante e despreocupado mundo virtual. Desde então, a escuridão alastrou-se pela região e cada dia traz peculiares novas revelações. Até aqui, com quatro EP’s publicados, diversas colaborações e singles espalhados pela net, as suas aventuras sónicas têm sido uma exploração sem paragens. O seu talento singular fez dele um dos alunos na Red Bull Music Academy Montreal de 2016.