BLOOP RECORDINGS Bloop Recordings has 10 years of history related to electronic music in Portugal. Born in 2007, it was called Bloop to underline the fact that she was born in the heart of Loop, a hip hop label in theory, but in fact, an idea born between two friends and enlarged by a third. They all had an enormous passion for music and a healthy disrespect for rules or boundaries. That’s how the label was born, umbilically linked on vinyl and tuned to what was done out of doors through international remixes. In 10 years it sought to be solid and also defiant of the standards.

DISCOTEXAS is an electronic music label, founded in 2007 by Moullinex & Xinobi, and has been a home for artists such as Zimmer, Bufi, Da Chick, Throes & The Shine, RAC, In Flagranti, Psychemagik and many more.

NO SHE DOESN’T label and collective share a display of nostalgic roughness, steady 4/4 paced essense that defines the lo-fi scene. Influenced by early Chicago-warehouse environment, they focus on providing warmth and communion to the dancefloor blending House, Disco. Their first release (Various Artists) was supplied in March 2018 and the second is scheduled for the end of July with the support of Lobster Distribution.